Welcome to Raine Studio

Raine Studio, owned by Lorrie Feid Dickinson and located in Sarasota Florida, features "hand crafted jewelry" made by Raine designs by Lorrie Dickinson


"Cashmere Accessories" designed by Andrea Mahilyffy Collection.  

We also showcase local artists and designers through special events and open houses.  

Bookmark our website for updates on who we are showcasing next.

 *We provide personal service locally and even more personal service on line.*

We are a unique store with a personal flare for those who visit.

Lorrie Dickinson, owner of Raine Studio, has been a resident of Sarasota Florida since 1972.  After graduating from high school she attended the University of Florida and received a Bachelors of Science degree in Recreation (now Health and Human Services). She retuned to Sarasota and worked locally as a mortgage lender and later opened a travel business with her husband, Gary, who is still involved in the travel industry. After a brief retirement, and raising two children, Lorrie built Raine Studio with the hopes of promoting her own hobby, jewelry making, as well as providing a site for the crafts of others in the area.  Sarasota is the home to many talented people as well as the Ringling College of Arts and Design, making small Sarasota a larger player in the arts community. Lorrie wanted to open her doors to those artists and talented people and allow them to showcase and sell their pieces here at Raine Studio. 

Please stay in touch and visit us to see what we have and for information regarding special openings throughout the year!!!!


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Store Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Noon - 4:00pm or by appointment


by Appointment


by Appointment